Our 1rs essay- The clod and the pebble

In our literature class our teacher Pato teached us how to write an essay, afterwards, we made an essay in groups about the poem we have read ” The clod and the pebble”. My partners were Abril Teran Frias and Trinidad Porretti. Here is the essay and the essay question:

Essay Question: Explore how Blake tackles the theme of love in his poem “The Clod and the Pebble”

William Blake deals with the theme of love in this poem with two different approaches about it through personification and using opposites.

In the poem the two main voices are opposites , a clod and a pebble. He uses them because they are totally different, as the two opinions of love. He applies personification to the poem, using a clod of clay and a pebble, which symbolizes the two different views about love.

On one hand, the clod is moldable, flexible, soft and innocent. In the poem the clod expresses its experience about love.Its opinion is, as in the poem is explicit, “Love seeketh not itself to please” which means that love is not selfish, it is kind and it is for the others. The clod is innocent and young, that explains why it has such a positive point of view about love, which in the poem symbolizes joy and happiness.

On the other hand, the pebble is hard, inflexible and experienced. Its idea about love is opposite to the clod’s idea, it reflects that love is negative, selfish and makes you suffer. This is shown in the third stanza of the poem when it says “And builds a hell in heaven’s despite”, in this quotation the pebble is trying to reflect that negativeness will always be present in love. Considering the pebble’s concept about love, love can turn your happy life into a misery.

In conclusion, Blake tackles love through two opposite interpretations of it using two voices whose description totally matches their respective approach about love.

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