Conversation Big Three


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In my opinion, by doing this project we have learnt a lot because we could express our thoughts. I think that this project was a great idea because it help us to know more about this three important men and to learnt more about their thoughts and aims. In addition when we record the dialogue each of us had to speak about the primes minister and the president so by speaking as we were them we could think as they did and we could understand better what they thought.

the part that I enjoyed the most of this project was writing the conversation, because when we write it we could think what each of the big three thought, also we could understand  why they disagreed with some points and of course why they had their aims. Moreover, i also liked to search a lot of information of each man and we learnt a lot of new vocabulary.

I think that the project was really interesting but i would change the part when we record. i would like to recorded but in form of a video recording ourself with the clothes of the big three pretending to be them in the conference because for me it would be more interesting.


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  1. The recording is not fully acceptable. The volume is too low at times. There’s no closing of the conversation either.

    Why did you choose a photo of the Big three of WW2? (Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt!)

    Your final comment, Juana, is really interesting and i really liked your suggestion. I’ll take it up for next year. 🙂

    6.5 (Six Fifty)

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