C02 and lime water

On November the 8th, we did a practical on our practical skills class about the reaction lime water has upon being in contact with Carbon Dioxide, as it is a carbon dioxide indicator. We have already analyzed this Practical, but now we are actually putting it into practice.

Our hypothesis is that like water will turn cloudy once it’s in contact with CO2. We placed four test tubes containing lime water in a rack. Then we used four straws, one for each test tube, and started to blow so that the carbon dioxide we expired came into contact with the lime water. We breathed out several times, 30 to be exact, with short intervals in between, and finally the lime water turned cloudy as expected.

I worked on behalf of Lucia Caviglione, Belen Brito Peret, Anouk Laferrere, Sofia Mele and Trinidad porretti.

these are the pictures before and after:


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