The Berlin Blockade

In the History class, we were told to do a chart and to answer some questions about the Berlin Blockade.

Here is the chart:

This are the questions we were assigned to answer:

  1. What was life like in Berlin in the post-war era?

After the war, Berlin was divided into four zones; American, British, French and Soviet. The city of Berlin was devastated as it lost almost half of its population.
They were really poor and hardly noticed by other countries, they had lost everything.

  1. How did Soviet policy towards Berlin differ from that of the West?

Stalin wanted to keep Germany and the city of Berlin crippled and under his control because he didn’t want any part of Germany to recover so fast. The West had a very different idea in mind as they wanted to bring Germany back to its full potential.

  1. Why was reform of the German currency a key issue for both sides?

It was a key issue for both sides as It was easier to trade between them and because the three zones occupied by the allies united against the fourth zone which was under soviet (communist) control.

  1. Why was the airlift such a major feat?.                   The airlift was such a major feat because It was a smart move of the USA. The airlift proved the rivalry between communism and capitalism wasn’t just a simple fear, simple ideas, it was a big and very important issue. The Soviets and Americans both acted maturely and once the US proved she would not give up, Stalin reopened communications.


  1. In what respect can the USSR and US be responsible for further increasing tensions during the airlift?

USA decided to send supplies to Berlin during the airlift because the USSR, closed the roads and the access the allies had to get to Berlin. At first the US was scared of sending planes into Berlin because they were afraid of the possibility that the Soviets would shoot down the planes. Both countries were very suspicious of each other but, in the end none of them had war intentions.

  1. Why did Stalin eventually agree to talks over the airlift?

    Stalin agreed to talk over the airlift because he saw the strength of the allies. He saw that the allies were not going to give up as he had thought. Also, with the airlift the allies were providing even more help to Berlin that before the blockade so after 11 months of blockade, he reopened communications and the airlift was over.

Who was more to blame for Berlin becoming a major flashpoint in the Cold War, the Soviets or the Americans?

In my opinion, the Americans were more to blame, because Berlin was deep in the soviets’ zone, it was surrounded by communism. The US could have just let Berlin go and focus on another more important thing. However, Truman wanted to make sure everyone knew he was serious about the plans he had against the expansion of communism.

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