Literature- Final work


1) Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall year? Are they mostly positive or negative?

1- my first thoughts about this overall year are really positive as I think that we as a class were able to take advantage of our time to learn mostly every class one different poem or story which most of the I found it really interested when we were able to discuss them in class.

2) If positive, what comes to mind specifically? Negative?

2- really, I don’t find nothing negative in the literature classes as I love reading poems and stories all together discussing our opinions and our thoughts about it.

3)What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on Literature? About the subject? About myself? About others?

3- there were not specific discoveries, but i found it interesting when sometimes we found something unusual of supernatural in the poems we read.


4)What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so?

4-one of the most challenging moments were the term test because I don’t like them as I get nervous. However, in most of the tests I did it well.

What I liked the most about the year was reading the poem of the lost women as I found it really interesting although for many of the class it was really difficult to understand and also Learned a  lot of writing skills which I can apply for many of my writings.


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