Literary periods

I found more interesting the romantic period, the classical as well as the enlightenment period.

First of all, I chose the romantic period due to its iconic plays, among which hides my favorite, pride and prejudices, by Jane Austen. Among these years, there was a lot of variety as there were two contrasting types of writing: the Romantics and the Gothic. As for the first, I would highlight the fact that the poets dealt with individuality. It is a new concept introduced in this period, which gives importance to the value of people by themselves. The gothic, also deals with the topic, but attracting the readers though the suspense and mystery.

Secondly, I chose the enlightenment period because it breaks with what used to be established. It’s a period of change, commanded by logic. Among these years, people started to see the world form a new point of view in which god was not longer the center of it. This idea is clearly portrayed in the literary work from this period. 

And last, I chose the Victorian period, not only for its iconic plays such as Dracula and Jane Eyre, but also because there is a lot of emotion among the pages written. It makes the reader sympathise with the characters, creating a way to understand complicated feeling such as loneliness, being outcasted among others.