Essay passion by Kathleen Raine

Essay writing Passion
Essay question:
Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love.

Writers may use nature to express how they feel, especially when talking about love, as it can not be seen it is easy to describe love by comparing to something. In the poem “Passion”, Katherine Raine expresses her feelings about love through nature, using it as an element to represent how she feels after being abandoned.

To begin with, the poet personifies nature to express how she feels toward the loss of her love. nature is used to express her feelings, “full of desire I lay, the sky wounding me”. This quote clearly puts in evidence the broken heart of the lyrical eye. The hyperbaton gives prominence to the speaker desperate emotional state to get over her sadness. Also, the trees are personified, “each tree possessing what my soul lacks”. The personifications highlights the feelings of the voice by contrasting them to the serenity of the sky, and the fact that the trees have obtained a state of peace that the voice desires. Moreover, the metaphor, “each cloud a ship without me sailing”, evidences that she feels abandoned, even the clouds have left her. These literary devices call the reader’s attention to the emotions of the voice, she is suffering.
Secondly, in the third stanza the speaker explained that words can not express her feelings and again she uses nature so that the reader can understand her better. The hyperbole and alliteration in: “my human speech forsook my fingers”, draws the attention of the reader to the speaker losing her grasp on language, remarking that she is unable to express herself in literal words. Moreover, in the line “the savage conches of the beach”, the allusion to Triton may symbolize how a person’s feelings can change from being in love to being heartbroken.

In addition, there is a further personification of nature to express that the voice is desperate for peace, when the sky starts talking to her soul. It is a familiar voice, more than the one of her love, saying “You have what you desire”. This quotation shows that she has to move on because she does not lack anything. This is the same message that later God tells her “lift up your heart”, the metaphor means to cheer up. The hyperbaton “and forest dwellers. This your nature is”, highlights that she and nature are one, it is her essence. This your nature is”, highlights that she and nature are one, it is her essence. Therefore, as nature has ups and downs, she can have them too, “this world you with the flower and with the tiger share”. These symbols of fragility and power of nature.

Last but not least, the judgment day is mentioned. The personification of nature, “when the world ends and the sky rolls away”, is used to express the message of the poem, at the end of our lives all the pain and disappears and what we remember and take with us to heaven is passion and happiness we have experienced, “love, light and eternity”. As a result of this reflection, the tone of the voice,which at first was desperate and in pain, shifts to one of peace and acceptance.

In conclusion, it is aforehead mentioned how the writer uses nature to express how she feels about love. At first she was very depressed, sad and suffering but after the sadness she was going through, the nature help her to change her perspective about love.

Our 1rs essay- The clod and the pebble

In our literature class our teacher Pato teached us how to write an essay, afterwards, we made an essay in groups about the poem we have read ” The clod and the pebble”. My partners were Abril Teran Frias and Trinidad Porretti. Here is the essay and the essay question:

Essay Question: Explore how Blake tackles the theme of love in his poem “The Clod and the Pebble”

William Blake deals with the theme of love in this poem with two different approaches about it through personification and using opposites.

In the poem the two main voices are opposites , a clod and a pebble. He uses them because they are totally different, as the two opinions of love. He applies personification to the poem, using a clod of clay and a pebble, which symbolizes the two different views about love.

On one hand, the clod is moldable, flexible, soft and innocent. In the poem the clod expresses its experience about love.Its opinion is, as in the poem is explicit, “Love seeketh not itself to please” which means that love is not selfish, it is kind and it is for the others. The clod is innocent and young, that explains why it has such a positive point of view about love, which in the poem symbolizes joy and happiness.

On the other hand, the pebble is hard, inflexible and experienced. Its idea about love is opposite to the clod’s idea, it reflects that love is negative, selfish and makes you suffer. This is shown in the third stanza of the poem when it says “And builds a hell in heaven’s despite”, in this quotation the pebble is trying to reflect that negativeness will always be present in love. Considering the pebble’s concept about love, love can turn your happy life into a misery.

In conclusion, Blake tackles love through two opposite interpretations of it using two voices whose description totally matches their respective approach about love.