Letter In Pursuit of Happiness

Dear paul,

I am writing to you because things have gone out of my hands and I have become part of a struggling economic situation I cannot handle by myself. I wanted to ask if you could give me a hand and help me.

Since some months ago, I  have been with some economic problems because I could not support my family. However, some weeks ago, I invested our only savings in some Osteo National bone-density scanners, which cost me an arm and a leg. Since that moment, I realized that the money was insufficient to sustain my whole family so my wife got angry and my marriage turned out to be in the rocks. As a result of this, my wife abandoned and left me alone with my courageous son Chris J. It was very difficult to make ends meet and although I have found a new job, I am unable to pay the rent and so now we are even poorer.


As a consequence, we lost our car, all our possessions and even our house, we do not even have a place to live so we went to a homeless shelter, at first. Then, we have to sleep  in the subway station, one night that there was no room for us in the shelter. I wouldn’t ask you for help, if it wasn’t extremely necessary. As you can see, my hands are tied and there’s nothing I can do about the situation.


as you can see, we are trying to overcome the situation, But facing the circumstances in which we are living we are unable to do nothing until I get some money. I have never asked anyone for financial help but I must admit that the situation has now surpassed me that’s why I am resorting to you because you are one of my closest friends. I would be eternally grateful If you could give me some kind of economic support to deal with this problem. I promise you that I’ll return the money to you as soon as I can.


Thank you,

Christopher Gardner

Descriptive writing by Juana Zufriategui

Five years ago, my family and I travelled to hawaii were we stayed in an splendiferous house with a jewel-blue sea view. The sky was like a curtain of silk and the sea song of the waves soothed me. I was extremely astounded by the beauty of the rippling of the waves. When you look around, you can admire the perfection of the beach. The palm trees are lined in serried rows and dip their heads in obedience to the sea.

Moreover, I could appreciate the sound of the amazing birds rumbling in my head all the mornings. It was an empty silent beach where the golden sand full of corals

and sea shells, covered the floor as far as your eyes can see. Beside the fact it was full of corals, the sand was extremely soft like a bed of blankets and the grains were so fine that it could not possibly be visible by the human eye.

Finally, this beach had the most beautiful weather of all places in the world. You can relax lazily on the sandy seashore reading and appreciating the golden rays of the sun shining in the sky. At the same time, you can feel the warm and soft sand crunch between your toes and the heat of the sun penetrating your body. It was the most amazing places I have ever been to.

Poem-Description Recoleta Cemetery.

In the language class we have learnt how to write a description of a place and we have been writing several of them. We wrote the last description in pairs, and I worked with Luz esteban. We had to choose a picture of a touristic place of our city/neighbourhood and describe it. Then our literature teacher asked us to write a poem about the place we had picked for our description, which in our case was the Recoleta Cemetery. I wrote the poem with Belen Brito Peret and Trinidad porretti. Here I leave the description and the poem:

Choose a picture of a touristic place of our city/neighborhood. Write a description (200 words)

This famous cemetery, located in the distinguished neighborhood of Recoleta, is one of the main touristic places of Buenos Aires city. Designed by próspero catelin, it is the place where the greatest number of people in the country are buried.

As soon as you arrived at this place, you can appreciate the main entrance which is composed by four columns of Greek Doric order, where the first symbols of life and death are inscripted. Moreover, this huge cemetery, contains several statues in a wide variety of architectural styles, which gives the place an unique and exceptional design. What is more, this daily open burying ground has over 90 tombs that are listed as national historical monuments.

 In addition to this, the recoleta cemetery is the most exclusive graveyard in Argentina. All around the cemetery, there  are the tombstones with their faded etching. This graveyard is full of stone, moss, yew trees and the decaying remnants of bone and flesh. Furthermore, even though it should be a spooky cemetery that causes chills,  it has the air fragrant with pine-needles which provokes a pleasant effect on the visitors. As you walk around, you can feel the atmosphere inside of it is warm and quiet. There are no sounds from the streets or disturbing noises from the people.

Finally, You can walk among the corridors between the tombs and appreciate the sound of the birds singing and the fresh air that you can breathe. It is also possible to highlight the different and original designs of the tombs that the families of the death person have created.

Language Test

Write a paragraph (80-90 words) saying what has happened to the male character. Use a variety of tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and conditional type 3. Then look for an example of:

It happened on the 12th of march. It was a gloomy and windy night. I had been working all day, before I realized I had forgotten my phone at the office. I decide to go back to the office to look up for my phone. While I was driving, I saw a man called John unconscious at the side of the road. It seemed that he has been driving along the silent and empty street in a high speed because he wanted to get back home, after an exhausting day at work. Accidentally, he took another road he didn’t know, which was full of donkey hills. As she was driving at a high speed, he wore the donkey knoll and skated. She was left unconscious at the side of the road. Fortunately, I found him and took him to the hospital. The doctors said that he had been unconscious for a long time, so if I wouldn’t have took him to the hospital, he would have died on the road.

Simple Past: “It was a cold night”

Past Continuous: “I was working late”

Past Perfect: “ I had left my phone at the office”

Conditional type 3: “If I hadn’t forgotten my phone, I wouldn’t have been on the road at that time”


The Gold Cadillac is a story about an African American family who lives in the United States during the years of civil rights. The father of the family called wilbert has just bought an alluring gold Cadillac for their family. Although their mother is upset about their dad buying the car, lois’s, her sister Wilma, their extended family and neighbors are fanatized with the new car. Lois, the narrator of the story, decides that they should make a trip down to Mississippi in the gold Cadillac to visit their relatives. However, their mother refuses to ride in the car. Although their family is skeptical about the trip because of the way African Americans are treated in the rural South, the whole family convince the mother and heads down south in the gold Cadillac to visit their family in mississippi. On the way down, people give them dirty looks because African Americans are not supposed to be that rich and have such a fancy car. As they are driving through a small town, they get pulled over because the police officer assumes the family has stolen the gold Cadillac so Wilbert is arrested. After this, the father is released and decides to sell the car and get a plainer car, so people will not harass them.

report of a natural disaster

Report- Valentina Re and Juana Zufriategui

Destructive Hurricane Took 101 Lives

On August 30th 2017, hurricane irma hit the area of Unites States and the Caribbean, causing a lot of damage. This category 5 hurricane, was the strongest observed in the Atlantic since 2007 and the most intense to hit United States since 2005.

Hurricane irma, was caused because of several things such as the warm upper ocean water in the territory and the changes in wind and moisture. The hurricane contained winds of 250 kilometers per hour and caused extreme damage in most territories. The number of fatalities was really high including 44 casualties in the Caribbean and 57 in United States. Although the number of deaths in the USA were higher, because of the Caribbean’s economic situation, it took longer for them to recover.

This powerful and catastrophic natural disaster result in the destruction of roads, harbors and airports which made it difficult to travel within the countries. Moreover it caused floods in countries, such as Brickle, because of the fact that the tights rose. This happened of the strong and vigorous winds. The destructions of all these things caused economic problems to these countries. The territories had to pay a total amount of $62.9 billion.

This fatal natural disaster, not only ended the life of many people, but also damage the infrastructure of many territories. Moreover it badly hit the economy areas which will need long time to recover. The governments of this lands are already taken care of the damage produce and they would not stop until they make sure each one of the citizens is safe again.