Monday 21st



Horses are very friendly, companions, really intelligents, assertive, not aggressive lovely, kind and very fast.  Also they have five senses:

Taste: likes salty and sweet.

Hearing: directional ears, keener than humans and mood indicator.

Smell: becomes familiar.

Touch: very sensitive, especially around head.

Sight: monocular and binocular.


The horses are not always call in the same ways. A male horse is called a stallion, a female horse is called a mare, a young male horse is called a colt, a young female horse is called a filly and of course ponies are small horses.


Horses can help people physicaly, mentaly, emotionaly and spiritualy. They are big, tall and robust, They have a very good view and a long tail. Horses are classified as mammals and herbivores so they eat grass or types of plants.


The people train the horses for sports or others things. You have to be very careful and friendly when you trained  them. Of course they are use by the police because they are very fast and also they are use in farms to carry things.


Instructions to train a horse:


1)first you have to train them carefully and let him smell you.


2)You have to wait until he/she enters into confidence and trust on you


3)Teach him/her to jump, to go back, to change directions, to follow your commands and to control aceleration.