The Clod and the Pebble-Romanticism

After analyzing the poem “The Clod and the Pebble” Pato told us to find the romantic characteristics that this poem have.

Nature: this characteristic is use in this poem because it have personification, the clod and the pebble. the nature gives the characters the power to expressed his thoughts and feelings.

Imagination: this poem has a lot of imagination because william blake explains  two points of view referring to love. He use two differents elements to describe the love. the clod to  said that love is good and a pebble to say  that love is bad.

Symbolism: The author change the literary meaning  of the clod and the pebble into a symbolism meaning because the clod is flexible so it shows innocence and the pebble is solid so it shows expierence.

Passion: this poem shows passion in  the way the Clod feel about love, ” Love seeketh not itself to please”, “And builds a Heaven in Hell´s despair”, the Clod express passion through this phrases and think that love is positive.

Emotion: For me this characteristic appear in this poem because the clod and the pebble expressed their emotions through words about the two points of view about love. The author use metaphors, rhymes etc to help the emotions  flow in an easier way.


Symbolism:it is a way of expressing so much in so little.The use of symbolism in literature allows to derive different meanings from only a  single expression.


Nature:It is said that romantic poetry associated with nature is a kind of a meditative process.Nature is also viewed as a setting or place which offers respite from the artificial world that we inhabit.


Emotions:The one thing which rules the world of romanticism is emotion. Romantic poetry is one of the best means to let loose one’s emotions through words.Spontaneity in romantic poetry arises from an emotional outflow, and sometimes pain is the inspiration.


Imagination: The phenomenon of imagination is the essence or core of romantic poetry. According to romantic poets, it is possible to attain a transcendental experience by means of imagination. It takes us near to the spiritual truth.


Individualism: Representation of a hero, a person with exceptional genius, is of common occurrence in romantic poetry.